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Natasa Gavrilovic,

Here are the links every developer should have handy. From time to time we all should read on basics: Visual Basic Programming Guide C# Programming ...

Ralf Westphal,

Ron Jeffries challenged me to show how Flow-Design and Event-Based Components can help software development. This is the problem he posed in the Software Craftsmanship discussion group: Solve bowling scoring. ...

Kate Moss' Open Space,

ARM supports unaligned access and CE provides a kernel IOCTL_KLIB_UNALIGNENABLE (refer to for details). Application can use this IOCTL ...

Vincent Maverick Durano,

I just got a great news from Microsoft that I’m re-awarded as Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for this year. This is my 3rd year in a row as an MVP and I’m of course very happy about and feel ...

Kate Moss' Open Space,

The default root bus driver, BusEnum, enumerate and active drivers one by one in synchronized manner. It is not only slowing the boot time but in the even if any of driver's init function (XXX_init) get ...