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Michael Freidgeim,

I needed to validate customer email addresses. Many articles suggested to use different regEx , but they are not the same and not easy to identify, which is the best. So i decided to use MailAddress, which ...

Joe Mayo,

Here's a blog post by DataSprings on how to use LINQ to Twitter: It demonstrates how to authenticate with OAuth and how to use several of the APIs. Joe ...

Laurent Bugnion,

Note: I posted that on Posterous, but on second thoughts it belongs on this blog too. After all, making UX better is what this is all about, in the end, and not just for computer applications. So apologies ...

Mike Koerner,

I've been working with the jqgrid and have been really impressed with the ease of use. One issue I was having was with the action buttons on the row. If a new row is selected, the action buttons wouldn't ...


Earlier this week I had a requirement for displaying an XSD DataSet schema in my application to the end-user. I couldn’t find a free or relatively cheap component. All the items I came across were either ...