Pontifications on Microsoft and the Tech Industry

October 2005 Entries

Analysis Services 2005 OLAP Immersion

Short of spell-checking and proofreading, work on the "Advanced OLAP" chapter for my upcoming book on SQL Server 2005 (with co-authors Stephen Forte and Bill Zack) is done. This one chapter (which we may end splitting into two) covers an array of new features in Analysis Services 2005. I believe very strongly that with this release of SQL Server, all Microsoft-centric developers should learn at least a little about OLAP. The biggest reason for this is that building cubes, building application functionality ......

VSLive/ASPLive ASP.NET Data Binding Session

Code and slides for my ASP.NET 2.0 Data Binding session can be found here.

VSLive/SQLLive ADO MD.NET Session

Code and slides for my ADO MD.NET session can be found here.