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February 2010 Entries

Sync *This*!

Liveside.net and Mary Jo Foley are reporting that rumors of Live Mesh’s death are greatly exaggerated. That’s excellent, as far as I’m concerned. Mesh is a good product, and it would be a huge pain if I had to switch to something else were Redmond to kill it. Meanwhile, I continue to find it fascinating how many sync standards Microsoft has across its product set. Here’s a list of them (excluding Live Sync and Live Mesh), and I’m betting it’s not comprehensive. Can you think of others?: ActiveSync ......

Devil’s Advocate, 7 Series

Today’s briefing by Microsoft on their re-booted mobile platform and strategy was very impressive. The prototype hardware they showed looked great and the UI was attractive, productive and unique; it was not an iPhone knock off. Microsoft seemingly brought to bear what it should have long ago: all the cool technologies and properties it already has. Zune, Office with OneNote, Outlook and Exchange, SharePoint, Xbox, Bing Search and Bing Maps all look to be represented and integrated elegantly, rather ......

Sallee Brust and a Bygone New York City

Some of you knew my mother, Sallee Brust (born Sallee Greenberg) quite well. Others of you never got to meet her. For all of you, I’d like to tell you a little bit about her and her life, because I think no one knows all of this. In fact, even I wasn’t aware of some of these details until this week. First of all, it’s important to know that my mother was a native New Yorker, and so were her parents. Her family lived here on the Upper West Side, which is one reason I’m glad we’re having the service ......