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Windows Azure’s 3.0 Maturity in a 2.0 Release

I didn’t go to the Microsoft’s PDC Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) this year because it was, as far as I could tell, a made-for-streaming video event. As such, I watched the keynote about 24 hours after it took place and used my Media Center PC to watch it on my plasma television. And I have to say, the keynote was worthy of the medium. Not only did the Silverlight Smooth Streaming technology deliver a fine HD image, but the content of the keynote itself, merited a big screen, and necessitated ......

Chief Software Adieu

I’m writing this post from Bulgaria, where the annual DevReach conference is taking place. A number of well-known American and Canadian speakers from the Microsoft-focused conference world are here with me. The combination of speakers who have known each other for a while and an unusual location for their gathering typically makes for camaraderie, and a lot of discussion. Before long, that discussion usually turns into an industry analysis bull session. And just two days ago, we had such a bull session, ......

Treating Small Partners Right

For companies that are Microsoft partners, there has been change in the wind for some time. Ever since last year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in New Orleans, Microsoft has made it clear it thinks that it has has too many partners that those partners are too small. Since WPC ‘09, the Enterprise and Partner Group (EPG) has focused strongly on Global Systems Integrators (SIs) like HP and CapGemini, and much less on smaller or regional SIs. From WPC ‘09 onwards, Microsoft said smaller ......