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November 2010 Entries

SQL Azure Federation. Is it “NoSQL” Azure too?

With all the noise (not to mention the funk) around HTML 5 and Silverlight at PDC 2010, we could be forgiven for missing the numerous keynote announcements about Windows Azure and SQL Azure. And with all those announcements, we could be forgiven for missing the ostensibly more arcane stuff in the breakout sessions. But one of those sessions covered material that was very important. That session was Lev Novik’s “Building Scale-out Database Applications with SQL Azure,” and given the generic title, ......

SQL Server Goes Columnar, Stays Relational

Readers of my blog and/or column know that I am a big fan of PowerPivot. And because of that, I was excited to see, both at June’s Microsoft BI Conference (part of Tech Ed) and this week’s PASS Summit, that the PowerPivot technology will become more entrenched. What Microsoft showed in June was that the full-fledged SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) product would support the in-memory BI (IMBI) engine, known within Microsoft as VertiPaq. This cool columnar, in-memory technology will not be limited ......