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April 2011 Entries

NoSQL, No Peace

After several months of research, review and revision, a white paper I wrote for the SQL Azure team, “NoSQL and the Windows Azure Platform”, has been published by Microsoft. If you go to http://www.microsoft.com/wi... and do a find within the page for “NoSQL” you’ll see a link for it. If you’d rather download the PDF directly, you can do so by clicking here. The 25-page (not including cover and TOC) paper provides an introduction to NoSQL database technology, and its major subcategories, ......

MIXing With the Natives

Photo by Vilseskogen “Anazasi pottery objects” under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License The term “going native” can be a terribly derogatory phrase, connoting the prejudiced outlook of colonists toward the peoples on whom they’ve imposed themselves. But it can also be playful or empathetic, summoning images of intrepid travelers who get out of their hotels and try to meet people in the countries they visit, and maybe even eat their local delicacies and learn a few words ......

A New Position Paper on the 5s (Silverlight and HTML)

In the run up to Microsoft’s MIX conference, next week in Las Vegas, a new post on the Silverlight Team Blog from Microsoft Developer Division VPs Walid Abu-Hadba, Scott Guthrie and Soma Somasegar prov ides new clarification of Microsoft’s position on Silverlight and HTML 5. Read the post and interpret it for yourself. My take is this: given the current landscape of Smartphone and tablet OSes, only HTML 5 can let you reasonably target all of them, so Microsoft’s going to bring you greatly improved ......