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July 2011 Entries

SoftArtisans and the MS BI Ecosystem

In a number of talks I’ve given, including a session at last year’s Microsoft BI Conference, I’ve mentioned that if you’re not looking at partner offerings in the Microsoft Business Intelligence ecosystem, then you’re not getting the full Microsoft BI picture. This rubs two ways: Microsoft BI may look misleadingly deficient, in comparison to its competitors, if partner solutions are not taken into consideration If you’re an MS BI user and you’re not looking at partner products, your MS BI investment ......

WPC 2011: A Spring in Redmond’s Step

I just got back from Microsoft’s 15,000 attendee-strong Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Los Angeles, and I have to say, the company and its partners are pumped. How can this be, given the number of people who have written Microsoft’s eulogy of late? If Amazon owns the cloud, if Apple owns the consumer, if Google owns search, if Cisco owns unified communications, if EMC/VMWare owns virtualization, if Oracle and SAP own ERP and if Oracle/Siebel and Salesforce.com own CRM, how can Microsoft be ......